For Toxin-Free Beauty, Choose Beautycounter.

If you know me, you know that there's one topic that I'm most passionate about, and that's TOXINS. We all must avoid toxins. Toxins found in our foods, our cleaning products, our personal skin care products, toxins in our homes.

And minimizing toxins exposure plays a big role in how I support the groups that I care most about: pregnant moms, women who want to live vibrant lives, and those healing from cancer. 

  • Are you carrying a new baby? You must remove the toxins that can pass the placenta and blood brain barrier.
  • Got an autoimmune condition? You must remove the toxins that are absorbed by your skin and cause inflammation
  • In cancer recovery? You must minimize your toxic burden load.

So that is why I spread the good news of Beautycounter. It fits within my mission. A skincare company committed to high-performing, toxin-free skin care and makeup.

And I'm excited to share that Beautycounter holiday sets launched this week!

These are glorious sets featuring limited-edition shades and triple-saturated color cosmetics alongside mini-sets of cult skincare favorites—and they’re all free of known toxins, parabens, and phthalates.

Also, can we talk about the packaging? No wrapping necessary—just pop on a bow and you’re set. I love the beautiful custom-designed tins. Gorgeous.

When you shop with me by clicking through the links below, you become an official “client”—and you’re eligible for all the upcoming private offers I extend to my tribe! I love gifting my clients with samples and travel sizes.


Clean Slate Charcoal Duo   $48      
The Beautycounter “gateway” products. The charcoal mask is one of my favorite skincare products of all time—it’s perfect for spot treatments, for smoothing the skin, and for keeping pores small & clear. The charcoal bar is a fantastic detoxifying cleanser that helps remove impurities without stripping skin. And I always recommend it for teens, especially boys.

beautycounter's "gateway" products get the holiday treatment!

beautycounter's "gateway" products get the holiday treatment!

Multi-Masker Set   $68  ($105 value)
Try all three of Beautycounter’s famous facial masks in this limited edition set! It even comes with a small mask brush that gives a smooth application and helps conserve product. Try one at a time to see which one your skin loves most OR multi-task by multi-masking: Use the charcoal mask on your T-Zone and jawline to shrink pores and tackle acne and apply the brightening mask to cheeks to diminish hyperpigmentation.


Take it from a former MAC and Laura Mercier devotee: These long-wearing makeup sets are industry-leading in pigmentation, saturation, and safety! 

What we put on our bodies should be safe—without sacrificing performance.

All color cosmetics are batch-tested for heavy metals, and none of the products contain the harmful ingredients in traditional high-performance options.

And the packaging’s pretty phenomenal, too (your eyeshadow palette should make you happy every time you see it).

One of my reasons for switching to Beautycounter cosmetics was their industry-leading screening process for heavy metals in color cosmetics. All minerals used in all makeup carry contamination risk, whether your product claims to be “natural” or not, but Beautycounter screens each batch 3 times to ensure metals levels are as close to undetectable as possible. Nobody else in the industry does this.

In researching other brands that claim to screen for metals, not a single other brand I contacted—not one—actually screens every single batch. Instead, they screen once, tell us their products are “tested,” and never screen again. Every batch is different, so this claim is no guarantee for safety. Batch testing is a must.

Oh la la! Love Beautycounter's Winter Jewels Palette

Oh la la! Love Beautycounter's Winter Jewels Palette

Winter Jewels Palette     $58
Deep jewel-toned shadows, blush, and bronzer make this full-face palette perfect for the chilly season. And the packaging is flat-out gorgeous, with a detachable travel mirror you can keep long after you’ve used up your pigments.

Aaaand run, don’t walk, for the showstopper and standout favorite:

Ultimate Nudes Eyeshadow Palette     $88  ($116 value)
This palette is incredible! There are 18 new neutral shades—9 cool tones and 9 warm shades perfect for every skin tone. It includes matte, satin, and metallic finishes with pigmentation that will put high-end conventional palettes to shame. Beautycounter recently reformulated their shadows with cocoa seed butter for a safe, smooth, luxe application!


Break these apart and stuff all the stockings, or hoard everything for your favorite person this holiday season! (And it’s perfectly fine if your “favorite person” ends up being you.)

Glow and Go Mini Oils     $28  ($51 value)
Not sure which oil is right for your skin? This mini set is a steal under $30 and comes with all three facial oils!

Hand Cream Trio     $30
I’ve never been a fan of hand cream until I tried Beautycounter’s formulation. It’s lightweight, never greasy, absorbs quickly, and keeps my hands from chapping all winter.

Holiday Soap Trio     $30  ($45 value)
3 scrumptious scents (with NO synthetic fragrance) make these a perfectly packaged holiday gift.

Dry winter hands are a thing of the past with these...

Dry winter hands are a thing of the past with these...

It feels like Christmas came early!

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