Let me bring the message of health to your organization.

As a highly sought after educator and speaker, I’d love the opportunity to share my deep knowledge of food, nutritional science, and essential oils with your organization—whether it’s to a group of two or a room of two hundred!

I’ve been characterized as a confident communicator and enthusiastic educator.

My dynamic personality and passion for wellness motivates and moves audiences to take action TODAY to move toward a healthier tomorrow.

I currently conduct wellness workshops, Lunch & Learn presentations, corporate wellness classes, and individual consultations. Some of my speaking clients include Cresa Real Estate and Southwest Airlines.

From the Audience:

LESLIE WAS AN ENGAGING AND PASSIONATE PRESENTER, and I thoroughly enjoyed listening to her speak. I knew high-carb breakfasts weren’t good for you, but until Leslie’s presentation, I had no idea that they can drain your energy, cause anxiety and brain fog, and even make your body hold onto fat! I’m going to stop eating cereal for breakfast and make sure I eat plenty of protein and good fats, especially in the mornings. Thanks for taking the time to come speak to us!
— Kristina, Southwest Airlines
LESLIE BUMPAS HAS MADE HER PASSION A PROFESSION AND WE’RE ALL BETTER FOR IT. Leslie came to speak at our school and gave a great talk on ‘Food to Build Happy, Focused Kids – How Nutrition Affects Your Child’s Learning, Behavior and Health.’ She did a wonderful job of explaining the process of learning and how important our food choices are to that process. She was candid with the truth without making parents feel bad for food choices they made. Instead, she was very encouraging, giving parents tips to help them turn the tide.

She was extremely well-prepared, professional, fun, engaging, and really REACHED the audience. How do I know? The next day I was at the grocery store putting her words into action when I ran into parents doing the same thing. It’s one thing to hear a great message. It’s another to be moved to action. Leslie Bumpas moved our parents to action. As the person in charge of booking speakers for our school, I cannot more highly recommend Leslie. She was great to work with and delivered a talk beyond my greatest expectations.
— Julie Hildebrand, Grace Academy of Dallas, Parenting with Purpose Speaker Series

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