It is with a full heart that I share these kind words from my clients.

I decided to work with Leslie because I needed to lose weight and improve my health on a number of fronts. But I got so much more! Not only did I lose weight, but my labs improved and I felt so much better…more energy and less unpleasant symptoms. And the NutriQ assessment that I took (before and after) showed improvement in every single ‘problem’ area! I looked forward to each appointment with Leslie because she is such a wealth of information, an excellent teacher and such an encourager.

The information that she shared enabled me to be my own best advocate for my health and to make better, more informed lifestyle choices…truly ‘redeeming wellness!’ I believe that her program would be beneficial to absolutely everyone and simply cannot recommend it strongly enough.
— Vicki M.
Thank you, Leslie, for always sharing very clear, concise, and practical suggestions. You always inspire me to live a healthier life. I will put these ideas to good use...!
— B. Keith
When I started my nutritional program with Leslie, I was suffering from chronic fatigue and depression. I had lived with both for many years, and just took it for granted that I would have to suffer with them for the rest of my life. I didn’t eat “unhealthy” foods, and have always considered myself to be fit, enjoying running and rock climbing. However, within two weeks of meeting with Leslie, making changes to my diet and focusing on boosting what my body was deficient in (based on her comprehensive assessment), I noticed that my fatigue was gradually getting less and less each day, and my depression disappearing along with it. Within 4 weeks, both were gone altogether. Several other things started happening too: the most incredible was that I started having vivid dreams again — the kind that you might have when you’re a kid; the kind you don’t want to wake up from! Leslie attributed this to increased brain activity because of my new, non-fat starved diet. Also, the skin on my face started feeling much, much better. I’ve never suffered from acne, but often would break out in dry spots especially brought on by stress. Ever since I started following Leslie’s advice, not only do I no longer break out in dry spots, but my skin has improved so noticeably that people comment on it! Being helped by Leslie has completely changed my quality of life and I intend to stay on the track she started me on for the rest of my life!
— J.D. Isaac
Working with Leslie has improved my health and encouraged me to make better choices with nutrition and lifestyle. Her knowledge and support have motivated me to look at wellness in a more proactive way, and this has been rewarding.
— Diana V.
When I started this health journey in February, Leslie was instrumental in pointing me to the right resources and showing me how to get started. She was the reason I started to look at the Weston A. Price Foundation and many other blogs. I owe her so much for the gift of knowledge. Her taking the time to guide me launched me into a full blown remodel of how my family eats and thinks about food. The ripples she has created are incredible. While I originally started this journey because [my son] was always getting sick, I knew it would be an extremely positive change for our entire family…

I’ve always struggled with fertility. My two other children were conceived using the fertility drug clomid. Well, I’m pregnant! Words cannot express the joy. I have been trying to nourish my body, and when you feed your body the right stuff, it heals itself and works as God intended it to work. Thank you, Leslie, from the bottom of my heart for all of your help and encouragement these past few months. Never doubt the good work you are doing. It is making a big difference!
— Much love, Lisa Craig
My oncology team was superbly dedicated and talented as they brought me through cancer, chemotherapy and a bone marrow transplant. But by the end I was depleted in almost every vitamin, mineral and hormone. It was never discussed along the way. Those deficiencies caused collateral damage unimagined previously. I’m back on track now, but wish I had Leslie Bumpas on my team from the beginning of my treatment.

Redeeming Wellness gave me burst of education—every week. My favorite part was receiving an email summarizing all we discussed and actions to take next. Even if I leave an appointment with an overload of information, I get a personalized email re-capping the detail I need. And, although Leslie Bumpas is intense with her recommendations, she’s not too cool to admit she loves the taste of Mexican, fast food and gluten-laden snacks. She’s real enough to believe.

I’m the type of person who mocks the people pouring over labels at Whole Foods. So, I never would have expected to have a perfectly content stomach after eliminating cow’s milk for almond milk. I cannot argue with results. Leslie Bumpas at Redeeming Wellness gets the credit for pulling me over to blessedly uneventful meals.

I drank the wrong kind of water, ate “healthy” but wrong food, took over-the-counter drugs that eclipsed the benefits I sought and felt a little sick every time I ate. Leslie Bumpas at Redeeming Wellness knows what to do about all that. These days I can’t pass a fast food restaurant without thinking D-E-M-E-N-T-I-A.
— Jay H.
I started working with Leslie when my health was in an incredibly awful place. I was in horrible pain all the time, with a stomach full of ulcers and facing down a hysterectomy. and full excision of my endometriosis. Leslie helped me get rid of the ulcers, prepare my body for the shock of major surgery, and establish healthy eating patterns after surgery as I’ve gotten my life back. I had surgery for my endometriosis 3 times before this, and it always took me a very long time to recover - at least 3x longer than is standard. This time, despite the fact that way more was done during this procedure than the previous 3, I have recovered on time or faster. I haven’t felt this good since high school, and I’m 32. I am a better steward of my body because of her. I am so grateful for her help, and I heartily recommend her to anyone who needs to improve their health. And don’t we all?
—   L. J., Houston, TX

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