When you’ve exhausted every other avenue to feel better, we’ve got your back. 


At Redeeming Wellness, together, we’ll create a personalized path to vibrant health and wellness that feeds your body, mind, & soul. Exploring what you eat is where it all begins…

At Redeeming Wellness:

We don't do Band-Aids. We do solutions. 
(Because you need to dig deep to discover what's really going on with your health.)

We don't do cookie cutter. We do bio-individuality. 
(Because food that's good for you may be poison for someone else.)

We don't do Botox. We do beauty that glows from the inside out. 
(Because healthy cells make you look—and feel—10 years younger.)

We don't do diets and deprivation. We do abundance and nourishment. 
(Because it's ALL about nourishment.)

When was the last time you felt truly nourished?

Do you....

  • Drag yourself through your day desperate for coffee or sweets at 4 pm?
  • Crave sugar, wine, and processed foods?
  • Have 10 extra pounds you can't lose no matter how much you exercise?
  • Suffer from allergies, heartburn, or high blood pressure?
  • Catch every cold or flu that passes your way?
  • Have a hard time remembering the last time you slept deeply through the night? 
  • Stress 24/7, but don't know where to turn?

If so, you're certainly not alone. But that's not how it has to be. In fact it's the opposite of feeling nourished!

My goal is for you to find true nourishment in all aspects of your life. 

To feel deeply nourished:

You need to BE HEARD by your health care practitioner. 
You need to FIND A SUSTAINABLE PLAN that works for your lifestyle.
You need to FUEL YOUR BODY with whole foods that fill in nutritional deficiencies. 

Did you know that nutritional deficiencies wreak havoc in EVERY aspect of your life? From gut issues to allergies to stubborn weight to stress to brain fog—and beyond!

That’s because food is the problem AND the solution. Every time you eat or drink, you are either feeding disease or fighting it. 

But when you eat real, you live well—and you can take back your life. Can you imagine the freedom? You deserve to feel amazing. 

Let me help you redeem your wellness and experience health beyond your wildest dreams.