What's Hiding in Your Closet?

So a precious friend recently told me about an amazing book and the impact it has had on her life: Marie Kondo's The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up.

It is the idea of organizing, tidying, and discarding anything that doesn’t bring you joy. We all have that dress, pair of shoes, or tchotchke from Round Top that makes us smile and we all have closets and shelves full of stuff that doesn’t.

As a daughter of a Methodist minister, we moved – a lot. And my mother was always giving away our stuff. As a college student I remember resenting her for giving away my Troll Doll collection with all the hand sewn clothes.  

But as a grown child, who has had to settle my deceased parent’s estate, I am so appreciative of them having given almost everything away.  There was little for me to clean up. And we can’t take it with us, can we?

I have to say that in my 30 some moves, I’ve grown to appreciate the culling, discarding of unused, unloved stuff. There is a certain freedom from the stuff (George Carlin) if you haven’t seen this monologue, it’s great.

I was also impressed by a recent blog post on DFW Moms about owning a capsular wardrobe. Meaning we winnow our clothing down to essentials. Better to have 10 great pieces, then 100 pieces of bleh. You know the feeling of standing in front of your closet jammed with clothes, and yet “you still can’t find anything to wear”. When you think about it, most of us may have a dozen or so bras, but don’t we always grab that favorite one? Or how about cosmetics? Just how many tubes and boxes of color do we collect from the “special” running at the department store, and never use? I would guess that despite owning 25 eye shadows, you use your 1 or 2 favorites.

So I spent yesterday doing the “Kondo” see video from the Today show. I put everything on the bed and let each piece speak to me. Did it bring me joy? Does it me make me smile? You have to get over the talk in your head (it’s designer, expensive, special etc.) because you can self-sabotage.  I ended up with 3 piles: consignment, On-line Yard Sale, and give away. And I’m feeling good, lighter, and free.

Marie Kondo’s philosophy also applies to books, magazines, office supplies, tools. I haven’t gone there yet, but I will. I’m afraid to find out exactly how many colored pencils I’ve been hoarding and not using.

Do you struggle with letting go of belongings? If so, I strongly suggest a glance at Marie Kondo’s great book. Let me know what you think.

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