The Big Stink About Secret Fragrances

Ever looked at the ingredient lists on the back of your personal care products?

More often than not, you’ll see “fragrance” listed as an ingredient on everything from lotion to shampoo to soap. But “fragrance” isn’t really a single chemical ingredient.

It’s a black box that can encompass any number of more than 3,000 different secret chemical ingredients, including some linked to endocrine disruption and serious allergies.

For decades, federal regulations have allowed companies to use the word “fragrance,” hiding the identity of multiple potentially hazardous chemicals. But that could be about to change.

Unilever, the multibillion-dollar company behind popular brands like Dove, Lever 2000, and NEXXUS, has announced a plan to provide more details about the fragrance ingredients in all of its products. This is a HUGE step forward and a big opportunity to encourage other companies to follow suit.

Click here to sign EWG’s petition urging all personal care companies follow Unilever’s lead and disclose fragrance ingredients to consumers!

As consumers, we have a right to hold corporations accountable and demand the information we need to protect ourselves and our families from harmful chemicals.

A 2010 EWG study found that on average, products listing the ingredient “fragrance” included 14 secret chemical ingredients not listed on the labels.

The secret chemicals identified in the study included diethyl phthalate, a notorious endocrine disruptor, as well as 24 different sensitizing chemicals that can cause allergic reactions.

Do you know what endocrine disruptor means? It’s a mechanism that up or down regulates and disrupts optimal hormone production and communication.

And that, my friend is a scary thing. 

That means: weight gain, acne, excess estrogen, loss of libido, and bone loss just to name a few symptoms.

For my clients with autoimmune conditions and cancer, this is one of the first places we start—checking out the cleaning products and personal care products, and replacing any that have questionable ingredients or mystery fragrances with all-natural alternatives.

If you're dealing with an autoimmune condition or cancer and want my support, please reach out and set up a time for us to talk! This is my passion and my purpose.