What You Put ON Your Body Is as Important as What You Put IN Your Body!

I never would have figured that my skin would turn “sensitive” at the age of 50. But experimenting with new products, and letting the gals at the department stores paint my face has resulted in numerous welps and burns. Frustrating.

And now that I eat so very clean, trying to avoid commercial fast food, and cheap convenient food, my skin is ever more sensitive to gluten. You should see what a pizza crust or bowl of spaghetti does to this freckle face. Not pretty.

As a certified Nutritional Therapy Practitioner (NTP), I work with clients who are sick and tired, need to lose weight, manage their diabetes, and support their autoimmune conditions. You may be predisposed to certain genetic factors and diseases, but we now know that the food you eat can turn on—or turn off—those genes. And lifestyle, and environment.

So when I finish working with a client, and we've cleaned up her diet, implemented great lifestyle changes, and detoxed her home, invariably I get the question: "Leslie, what about my skin care? What do I use for sunscreen?" Usually, I would direct them to the Environmental Working Group to see what is recommended. But that didn't completely satisfy me as a solution. Until today. (Did you know that Neutrogena is rated as the worst toxic sunscreen out there?)

I am so pleased to announce that RedeemingWellness is endorsing and incorporating the BeautyCounter skin care line into our practice. The company mission is to get safe products into the hands of everyone. Can I tell you how yummy these products are? And non-toxic. The sunscreen is amazingly effective and clean. My freckle face is thrilled—no welps, hives, or burns. BeautyCounter has an Essentials line for normal/younger skin, a KidsCounter line for safe bathing and shampooing, and a CounterTime anti-aging collection for “ahem” mature skin.

Did I already say yummy? Because I put the nourishing cleansing balm on 30 minutes before bed, and then steam/wash it off and I feel like I've had a luxurious facial.

BeautyCounter has chosen the direct retail approach, because they feel that the story of toxins in our skin care products is best explained one-on-one. And we all shop differently now: online, at parties, with our physicians,  nutritionists, and stylists. So if you are in the Dallas area, drop me a line, I'd love to have you try a product for a couple of days. I'd say it's “Whole Foods meets Chanel” and not an expensive price point. Or, if you would like to buy product at a substantial discount, let's have a party! You bring your girlfriends, and I'll bring the product. Kinda like a Sip-n-See. There are wonderful Hostess incentives and benefits. 

Are you wary of what is in your skin care products? Did you know that the FDA hasn't changed the laws governing cosmetics since 1938? And that Europe bans more than 1,500 chemicals, while the US only bans 11 found in skincare? What about the chemicals that disrupt hormones, mess with emotions, increase cancer rates?

Let's keep them out of your skincare. As always, drop me a line for a complimentary phone chat to see if we're a good fit to work together.