A Bump on the Head—or Something More?

It all started with a bump on the head….

Well, I should say a rapid, head-first “mousetrap” type fall. Tripping over the 4-month old puppy who had gotten underfoot.

I’ve never fallen like that before, and it was quite a shock. The goose egg on my forehead went from hair line to brow line. I iced it and licked my wounds/pride over this incident.

It never occurred to me that this was a serious injury. Despite the fact that I ended up with not one but TWO black eyes for several days, I had no lingering headache or vision problems.

But then I started to fall apart. First, I developed a chest cold. Then I woke up with fever blisters and a shingles-type rash on my neck. This happened while on a conference in Phoenix. I was reading two very interesting books by Donna Jackson Nakazawa: “The Autoimmune Epidemic” and “The Last Best Cure.” I was trying to get my head around autoimmune diseases and in particular Guillain-Barré Syndrome (GBS). The author had suffered two rounds of GBS and several other very serious autoimmune conditions.

Basically what she discovered is that our immune systems can take a hit from both physical and emotional trauma. Wow—could that be happening to me?

So I went to my trusted physician/chiropractor who confirmed that I was concussed. Yikes! The acupuncture needles in my legs were oscillating by themselves due to trapped energy in my body. He made the appropriate adjustments and I went home to fall into a deep sleep. By week’s end, I felt great and completely well.

However, a very peculiar symptom surfaced: Heartburn. I haven’t suffered from GERD or acid reflux in two years, since going on a gut healing protocol, eating clean, and taking the appropriate supplements. But now I was suffering terribly. And my fingernails weren’t growing-they were splitting. One of the sure signs of poor digestion and malabsorption of nutrients is poor nail growth. What’s up with that?

The very next day I received a newsletter from Dr. Jill Carnahan, out of Boulder Colorado, titled: “Brain Injuries and your Gut.”  In her article, she explains the relationship of our brain to our gut health and how trauma or injury impairs our digestion and immune system.

I love how God puts answers in front of us, if only we are open to seeing them.

Have you suffered a head injury or concussion? Have you ever thought that you can link your recurring and unexplainable symptoms back to that injury? Give it some thought….

Meanwhile, I’ll be back on my gut healing protocol, drinking lots of bone broth, taking my digestive supplements, and getting chiropractic adjustments to get my body back to homeostasis.

Be good to yourself,